Like most major holidays in this great city, St. Patrick’s Day is a multi-week celebration in New Orleans. These celebrations include parades, block parties and enough corn beef to make even the most ambitious visitors swear off the stuff for good. With so many ways to celebrate, it can be hard to designate which celebrations fit best with your lifestyle. Well, that’s where I come in. The Big Easy Blog will aim to be a perfect guide to celebrations in New Orleans and we start with this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


Parades are, of course, a New Orleans specialty. While some may associate parades more with Mardi Gras celebrations, there are plenty of fun parades to catch this weekend as well.

  • Friday March 16: Make your way to Molly’s at the Market ( 1107 Decatur Street) for the best frozen Irish coffee you will ever try and in the meantime, enjoy the French Quarter parade starting at 6:00 pm.
  • Saturday March 17: The Irish Channel parade is a must see for the occasion. Starting at 1:00 pm on Magazine Street, this parade features great Irish floats, marching bands and green beads of course. However, if having cabbage thrown at you isn’t your idea of fun, you might want to stay indoors. The parade starts at St. Mary’s Assumption Church.
  • Sunday March 18: The Downtown Irish Club Parade will start at 6:00 pn in the Bywater and travel all the way through the French Quarter


Parades are good fun and great for kids. However, I understand that some of us need to get away from the constant bombardment of plastic beads and find a place with four walls, a roof and plenty of liquor. If this is you, head to either of the two major block parties happening on Saturday March 17.

  • Tracey’s St. Paddy’s Day Party is an annual tradition in the Irish Channel. Located at 2604 Magazine Street, the party includes classic Irish beverages, green beer and of course….. corned beef.
  • Parasol’s Block Party will be going on down the other end of the block at 3rd Street and Constance Street. Along with more green beer and corned beef, Parasol’s also serves out killer po-boys that must be tried before you leave the city.


No matter where you end up celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, make sure you remember one piece of lasting advice that will from now on be the official motto of the Big Easy Blog: It’s a marathon, not a sprint.