Frozen treats to try this summer

The months of September through April bring amazing weather to New Orleans. Our winter months remain relatively mild while most of the country is bundling up to stay warm. However, we are reminded of the price we pay for that luxury every year when May greets us.

Summer in New Orleans is like a wet, swampy monkey that jumps on your back and continuously beats you across the head until you to do something about it. As always in this city, food is a solution. I’ve made a list of some tasty treats throughout the city that will help you fight back against our unforgiving heat.



4801 Tchoupitoulas St


Ernest and Mary Hansen started Hansen’s Sno-Bliz in 1939. Ernest invented the first ice shaving machine and Mary created her own flavored syrups.Decades later, Hansen’s still makes its own flavors every day, from Mary’s secret recipes, and creates snoballs from the original machine. The combination of fluffy ice and homemade syrups demand that each Sno-Bliz be made in layers – ice, syrup, ice, syrup, and so forth – so that the final product is fully saturated upholding the Hansen’s motto: “There are no shortcuts to quality.”


Angelo Brocato’s

214 N Carrollton Ave


This family-run Italian bakery and gelateria is iconic in New Orleans and has been serving out quality treats for over 100 years now. The classic flacors include Sicilian pistachio, stracciatella and more. They’re also known for a great spumoni, piped cannoli and a variety of Italian cookies.



4011 Saint Claude Ave


What once started out in a salvaged fan, this shop has become the go to spot for those who prefer their frozen treats on a stick. Located in the Bywater, the changing flavors include viatnamese coffee, salted caramel and peach orang blosson.


Drip Affogato Bar

703 Carondelet St


Definitely the most adult ice cream spot in town. This bar has managed to carve out a niche scene with a focus on bringing coffee and ice cream together. They also work in other unique and health flavors like matcha and green tea.